Abdou Touray

Abdou Touray is a Gambian immigration activist based in Madrid, Spain. As Vice President of Sidicato de Manteros de Madrid, an association focused on the rights of undocumented African immigrants in Europe, and as an associate producer in Tactical Aesthetics, Touray specializes in migratory issues stemming from the Sahel regions of Africa, assisting undocumented immigrants in Europe with employment and legal processes, and human rights advocacy. Touray himself ended up in Europe the hard way, and not by choice. While escaping the former dictator of The Gambia, over the course of 6 years, he survived the deadly Sahara desert, from kidnappings and forced labor and dodging terrorist insurgencies to nearly dying in the Mediterranean Sea – only to make it to Europe to bounce from country to country and from prison to the streets in search of asylum. But Abdou endured, and today has dedicated his life to helping others.