The Displaced People's Project is an immersive humanitarian documentary about trauma-focused sociological art interventions produced in direct collaboration with undocumented and displaced communities.

Displaced Identities

From providing paralegal support to rescuing migrants at sea and from reuniting families to micro financing grassroots initiatives, Tactical Aesthetics works directly with local activists and affected communities to develop multimedia action campaigns.

Renegotiating the boundaries between identity and imagined [national] communities, we journey with those most abandoned by society as they rebuild their lives against all odds. Not only do we document the undocumented, humanize the dehumanized, and amplify the silenced, leadership roles are held by local community members.


Recently opened immigrant-owned and operated clothing company and clothing store located in Madrid, Spain.

Pantera is not only a store. Pantera hires undocumented refugees in order to help them get their residency papers. Pantera is both a clothing store and a citizenship machine. Having started an immigrant-owned and operated clothing company, longstanding community activists can help new comers find their community of support.

Build Bridges Not Walls. Build Bridges Not Walls.