in order to survive as a species,
we must reconcile with historical trauma
and transform culture.
and for this we need art and intervention.

Tactical Aesthetics

About us

Tactical Aesthetics is a trans regional research-based multimedia and direct action initiative focused on human rights, the arts, science, history, and education.


Our goal is to truly impact the lives of people in relevant and transformative ways by addressing the world’s most pressing and persistent problems.

We are radical avant-gardists in a war of imagery.

Tactical Aesthetics is a creative think tank and campaign coordinating committee, made up of artists, public scholars, lawyers, and grassroots community organizers dedicated to developing civic engagement and social reciprocity through the practice of making art and history.


Using art and activism to truly impact the lives of people in relevant and transformative ways is at the very core of Tactical Aesthetics as a multi media production initiative.
Over the past 3 years, we have been building a network of well-known artists, activists, scientists, and educators with lesser-known communities from around the world to address the most pressing and persistent problems we face today.
This film is a warchest of wisdom in making. And the ongoing case studies of artistic and educational interventions are proving to make a difference. As the film develops, cross-cultural connections develop, and together we build a better future for the kids.