The Interventionists (Feature Series) brings together an array of pioneering and often controversial artists, activists, scientists, and educators from around the world to help us consider our present options in addressing the most pressing problems we face today as the human race.


Using art and activism to truly impact the lives of people in relevant and transformative ways is at the very core of Tactical Aesthetics as a multimedia production initiative.

We document case studies of life-changing interventions. And we use art to fuel new stories, better stories. From climate change to migration, from prisons to child trafficking, Tactical Aesthetics focuses on the transformative force of art and human connection to confront trauma with the fierce healing powers of wisdom, creativity, and courage.


Over the past 3 years, we have been building a network of well-known artists, activists, scientists, and educators with lesser-known communities from around the world to address the most pressing and persistent problems we face today with collective might.

The Interventionists is a war chest of wisdom in making. By connection the dots between contemporary aesthetics and living activisms throughout the world, we form a collective voice with shared vulnerabilities and common values. In this light, The Interventionists is more than a film series, but also an engine for cultural, social, and political growth on a global scale.


The ongoing case studies of artistic and educational interventions are proving to make a difference. With a particular focus on historical trauma, cross-cultural reciprocity, and the process of healing, we have three aims:

A. To facilitate the storytelling of a network of well-known artists, activists, scientists, and educators with lesser-known communities from around the world in order to address the most pressing problems we face today through discourse, critical reflection, and direct action.

B. To construct an historical archive of tactical aesthetics and pedagogical interventions in order to create a “tactical manual” for free expression and human survival for all people.

C. To construct a sustainable user-sponsored media platform for cross-cultural discourse and praxis using art, activism, science, and education.

Tactical Aesthetics is a creative think tank and campaign coordinating committee, made up of artists, public scholars, lawyers, and grassroots community organizers dedicated to developing civic engagement and social reciprocity through the practice of making art and history.

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